Restoration Resources

Sites where you can purchase window restoration materials.

Sash Locks & Lifts (Pulls)
Locks and Pulls Design Elements (St. Louis)

Sash Chain, Hardware, Pulleys, Stop Bead Adjusters
Smith Restoration Sash

Glazing Puddy
Sarco Multi-Glaze type M

Epoxy/Wood Repair
Abatron Wood Restoration Kit

Sash Chains, Weatherstripping & Hardware
Boston Building Resources

Weather Seals & Weatherstripping
Conservation Technology
Randy-Surley Manufacturing
Accurate Metal Weatherstrip Company, INC.

Pulleys, Weights, Sash Chain, Weatherstripping
Architectural Resource Center
Wm A. Killian Hardware Co

Vintage & Antique Hardware Restoration Supplies
Look in the Attic Company
House of Antique Hardware
Vandyke's Restorers

Storm Windows
Empire Supply Company
Genesco Window & Building Products
Allied Window

Wood Sash Construction
St. Louis Sash

N100 Respirators
Cooper Saftey Supply

Paint Removal Equipment
Silent Paint Remover
Proscraper Vacuum Attachment

Local Resources
St. Louis, Mo area restoration organizations and busineses.

St. Louis Rehabber's Club
St. Louis Rehabber's Club User Group
Revitalize St. Louis
St. Louis ReStore
Build St. Louis
St Louis Housing: Rehabber's Guide

Tax Credits
Federal and MO State Tax Credit information.

State Historic Preservation Office

Spread the word about the value of saving historic wood windows.

National Trust For Historic Preservation: "Saving Windows Saving Money"

Washington Post: Jan. 12, 2012: "Repairing windows can beat replacing"

Hands-On Resources
Discussions, books and videos for do-it-yourselfers and professionals alike.

Historic Home Works Forum
Historic Home Works - "Save America's Windows" - 140 pages