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Historic double-hung wood windows were designed to last a century or more. Each component can be restored or repaired.
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Are you considering taking on a window restoration project? OGWR is now offering on-site window restoration consultations.
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Wood Window Restoration
An idea that's time has come...


Old Growth Window Restoration, LLC is a St. Louis, MO based company specializing in restoration, repair and weatherization of historic wood windows.

Are your window sashes painted shut, loose or drafty? Do your windows have broken glass panes, chipping paint or crumbly glazing? Do your windows have areas with rotted wood or a broken sash chain? Your wood windows were designed to last a century or more with proper maintenance and upkeep. Old Growth Window Restoration can return your windows to their original state of functionality and beauty. Visit our services page for more information.

History of the Box Sash Window
Interesting facts about wood windows

The origins of the sash windows have been the subject of much investigation and speculation. Until recently, the general opinion tended to be that sash windows were invented in Holland in the late 17th Century. Recently, however, valuable research work undertaken by Dr Hinte Louw, of the University of Newcastle Upon Tyne, suggests that sash windows could have been invented earlier in the 17th Century in England. Another school of thought suggest that sash windows originated in France and spread to England via Holland. The word "sash", derived from the French "chassis" , means frame. But, however it originated, sash windows are as traditionally British as roast beef, and have become synonymous with all kinds of Georgian, Victorian and Edwardian houses.